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Are you a specialist in parquet floors?

Do you have a passion for parquet-laying or for the processing of high quality lumbers into sturdy, exclusive floorings?

Do you have several years of experience in these areas?

Please send your unsolicited application with the generally required data to:

Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH

Subject: Unsolicited Application
Dietenhaner Straße 29
97877 Wertheim


Professional driver (CE) for long distance transports

You are not happy with your current job? You are tired of driving through Europe for days on end? You prefer a job offering you the liberties you would like to have? You are also interested in doing ancillary work together with your colleagues? If your answer to these questions is yes, you should read on:  

We are an established family business, and our products have an excellent reputation worldwide. Our stage floors and accessories rank among the top products in our industrial sector. On our “boards which mean the world” you can listen to top class orchestras and to the most famous opera performances.  

We are looking for an experienced professional driver (CE) for our long-distance transport department, who gets our products safely from A to B. We are not always on the road, and would therefore be happy for you to support our team on the factory premises by expertly driving a forklift or by working in our warehouse. True to our maxim: One good turn deserves another.  

Are you interested? Do not hesitate to call us! We are looking forward to meeting you. See you soon: 09342 9292-0.