Stage Floors

Stage Floors

Manufacturing stage floors is the core business of Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH. The complete stage floor from the wooden substructure to the finished surface of the flooring is supplied directly from Wertheim.

The material used for the surface is usually Oregon pine or Pitch pine, which we import ourselves. In most cases the flooring is laid as Wertheim 3S-panel and only in rare cases as floor boards. In transport areas hardwood boards can be integrated seamlessly into the floor.

Ordinarily the substructure consists of scantling or glued laminated timber made from Nordic pinewood. In our own factory these are run through computer-controlled processes of drying and planing, just like the floorboards. We have also played an important part in the development of products for surface treatment.

The water-based PatzFinish meets all standards for new projects after Jan. 1, 2011, and has been approved by the building inspection authorities.


Ballet Floor (Floating Floor)

Ballet floors – a specialty business unit of Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH. This product must neither be too hard nor too soft, and it must provide a certain resilience and slip-proof surface. For a detailed discussion about individual solutions please call us at 0049 9342 9292 0.