Patz Tape


A continuously high quality level has top priority in our work at Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH. PatzTape is an innovative product which increases the life-time of stage floors.

Stage floors are unthinkable without adhesive tapes. The tapes are used to mark floor space, to fix cables and carpets, and to make edges visible. Often, however, ordinary adhesive tapes stick too firmly to the stage floor and can hardly be removed at all or only with residues on the floor. Quite a few unsuitable adhesive tapes have ruined a stage floor, because paint or even wood was removed when yanking off the tape. In addition to that, aggressive glues attack the surfaces of floors.

Therefore Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH has placed PatzTape on the market, a special adhesive tape for stage floors.

The PatzTape is a high-quality adhesive tissue tape with optimum adhesive force, which is easy on the floors and does not cost more than standard adhesive tapes. The tape is available in black and white, each with a width of 50mm and 19mm.

Please note: Adhesive tapes should never be yanked off forward, but always backward, thus the tensile force acts on the tape and not on the floor!