The Revolutionary Offset-Flap

Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH offers the only optimum alternative to loud and ugly flaps made of corrugated sheet metal in the stage floor.

Our EloFlip® offset-flap, for which several patent applications have been filed, is equipped with a cable outlet, which can be swiveled backwards. It is flush-mounted, almost invisible, very functional and easy to handle.

Two additional small flaps for individual cables are integrated in the cable outlet. Their opening angle is 180°. The complete visible surface including the cable outlet flaps is covered by pitch pine or Oregon pine matching the stage platform. On request special designs in any kind of parquet are available. EloFlip® has the same load bearing stability as the stage floor.


  • the opened cable outlet flap disappears completely in the lid
  • space remains in the stage box
  • no part protrudes
  • no risk of injury on the stage floor
  • tried and tested a thousand times
  • simple lifting of the flap with control cabinet key
  • or with suction lifter, if there is no rosette in the parquet floor