For as long as Bühnenbau Wertheim GmbH has been in business, we have been producing our reliable Wertheim-3S-panels in any thickness required. The large-scale panels with various layers being glued crosswise one upon the other are manufactured in our own plant with utmost care. After sorting the lumber in our patented plant, the lamellas for the covering layer are sorted again and put together for each panel manually by our most experienced employees. State-of-the-art hydraulic presses are used for the lateral bonding of the lamellas as well as for the pressing of the covering layers onto the carrier panels. Finally the panels are formatted on a CNC and shaped with groove and tongue as required. The result: the high quality and worldwide successful Wertheim 3S-panel.

Automation supports and facilitates the work of our employees. However, it is our company philosophy not to replace men by machines. Production takes place in purchase-order related lots. Experienced employees are involved in all production steps and thus ensure our high quality standards.

The static stability of our platforms can be demonstrated by accredited processes, verifiable calculations are available for a fee on a case-by-case basis.

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  • Composite panel is now a statically calculable component
  • All required parameters are meticulously defined in the approval documents
  • With these specifications structural engineers are able to prepare a verifiable structural analysis regarding stability
  • Availability of all manufacturer’s declarations (DoP) for the ply woods used
  • Recorded wood drying and regular verification of wood moisture in all layers
  • Sorting of the surface layers: minimum density, free of knots and fissures, rift sawn
  • Glues approved for structural purposes
  • Continuous monitoring and recording of the automatically applied glue quantity
  • Observance of press power and duration
  • Regular monitoring and recording of the gluing quality by sampling (self-monitoring)
  • 100% traceability of each production lot including all production processes and all wood and ply wood suppliers
  • Semiannual external monitoring of our production
  • Verification of documentation and sampling by an independent testing institute