Wertheim – The Town Which Gave Us Our Name

Wertheim is situated between Würzburg and Frankfurt, where the river Tauber flows into the river Main. Dominated by a large castle, even today the richly decorated half-timbered houses of the medieval townscape convey the atmosphere of the former residency of the counts of Wertheim.

In the Middle Ages doings and dealings in Wertheim benefited from its location on the river Main as a central traffic connection between east and west. When in 1806 Napoleon with a single stroke of his feather defined the river as the border between Bavaria and Baden, the former residency turned into a quiet border town of the Grand Duchy of Baden.

Only after the Second World War a dynamic development started, to which Wertheim owes its current importance: major district town, center of a large vacation area, center of authorities and administration, industrial location in the country with a port connecting it to the major sea lane Rhein-Main-Donau, and economic center of the Main-Tauber District with a focus on glass industry.