Health and Safety Days 2017 at Bühnenbau Wertheim

Occupational safety and first aid were the topics of the Health and Safety Days 2017 with all employees participating.

Especially in summer, when theaters are closed for vacation, we often work with small teams on almost deserted construction sites. One first-aider in each team is compulsory, but what happens if the first-aider has an accident? With this thought in mind we had decided to train all our employees as first-aiders.  The Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe was prepared to organize a very detailed two-day in-house training. Another day was spent on our annual safety instructions and general topics.

The Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe was very good at presenting this rather serious topic with the right combination of fun and practicality. Soon all participants were interested, and everybody’s attention was guaranteed. The training put a focus on the rescue of casualties and their correct positioning, the applying of dressings, and of course the resuscitation until the emergency team’s arrival.

As a social program on the first evening we took a bus to Würzburg. After a short walk through the town with a stop on the historical “Alte Mainbrücke” we rounded off the evening with a savory meal at the Jahnterrasse. (We would like to thank the teams of the “Alte Mainmühle” and the “Jahnterrasse” for their excellent service and hospitality). On the second evening we had a get-together in the picturesque quarry on our premises. The BBQ master had a lot of delicious meals on offer which everybody enjoyed. Thus fortified we are well prepared for a busy season during theater vacations.